February 15, 2024

Will my varicose veins come back after vein treatment?

Commonly asked questions for a Vein Doctor, Dr. Rajiv Nagesetty.

Dr. Rajiv Nagesetty is a top-rated vein doctor in the East Bay Area and performs more than 1,000 vein procedures each year for patients suffering from varicose and spider veins.

Dr. Nagesetty is one of the founding doctors of Bay Area Surgical Specialists (now BASS Medical Group) and the BASS Vein Center located in Walnut Creek. Dr. Rajiv Nagesetty specializes in vascular surgery, carotid artery disease, stroke prevention, venous insufficiency, and endovascular procedures for peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Video Transcript

Well actually the varicose veins that are treated with these procedures that we've mentioned are very very unlikely to come back. The effectiveness of these treatments are 99.9% so it's very rare that a vein that is treated with any of these methods is going to come back. What's more common is that patients develop a new vein and that becomes a problem. When a patient presents,there are up to six veins that could become significantly diseased and require treatment. But someone may come and only one vein is bad or maybe two veins are bad and we target the treatment for those veins that are significantly diseased at that time, and what may happen is they are fine for a year or two years and maybe three years later one of those other veins that was fine decided to not function, and then you might see the symptoms again or more varicose veins. And in that event, we would reevaluate them and treat that particular vein that decided to go bad years later.

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